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Nutritional Revolution Podcast with Rebecca Rusch: Finding Dirt Dharma

I recently had the honor of joining Kyla Channell on the Nutritional Revolution Podcast, where we delved into some of the most pivotal aspects of my journey. From navigating nutrition changes through my traumatic brain injury (TBI) recovery to discovering the concept of "dirt dharma," our conversation was packed with insights and reflections.

Nutrition and TBI Recovery:

We explored how my dietary adjustments played a crucial role in my healing process, emphasizing the power of food as medicine.

From Adventure Racing to Dirt Dharma:

I shared my evolution from adventure racing to embracing mountain biking, and how I found spiritual and emotional growth through what I call "dirt dharma."

Fueling on the Road:

Kyla and I discussed my strategies for staying fueled and energized during long rides and expeditions, highlighting practical tips for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

The Be Good Foundation:

We also talked about the mission of the Be Good Foundation, using the bike as a catalyst for healing, empowerment, and positive change in communities around the world.

Join us for a deep dive into the intersection of nutrition, adventure, and healing. Listen to the full episode to gain insights and inspiration for your own journey.

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