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Amazing Americans with Jerry Schemmel - Rebecca Rusch

"That moment for me, when I arrived at the tree. That was me meeting him for the first time. It was me feeling his presence, knowing he was there...I had never felt my dad’s presence until that day, being by that tree, where he was buried with Carter Howell, his co-pilot."

This week I got to chat with Jerry Schemmel of the Amazing Americans podcast. We touched on a little bit of everything, ranging from how I got my start as an endurance athlete, the beauty of riding a bicycle, my dad and the Ho Chi Minh Trail, the Iditarod Trail Invitational, my book - Rusch to Glory, the importance of movement, my evolution into becoming an explorer and more. Check it out!

“People are starting to understand that movement is medicine...People are realizing the magic pill to physical and mental wellness is actually moving your body and moving the piece of equipment we are given to cruise around the world...If they walk their dog, if they get on the spin bike, it can be for 5 minutes, but there is scientific evidence, if you move you are going to feel better...The biggest step is to get off the couch, give yourself a small bite size thing, say ‘I'm going to move for 15 minutes a day.’”

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