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Invited to the Party with Rebecca Rusch (Ep. 168) - Girls Gone Gravel Podcast

You know, I've always been an athlete at heart, diving into adventure racing, running, and rock climbing. But believe it or not, I didn't swing my leg over a bike to race until I was 38. That was a game-changer for me. I wasn't the top rider starting out, but there was something about mountain biking that just clicked with me. It was more than the competition; it was about pushing my limits and exploring new trails.

In 2012, I had this incredible experience at Unbound Gravel. Winning that race wasn't just about the title for me. It opened my eyes to the amazing world of gravel cycling, and it lit a fire in me. I thought, "Why not create my own gravel event?" I wanted to share this passion, this sense of adventure with others, especially women.

See, for me, bringing more women into the sport is so important. It's not just about growing the sport; it's about building a community, a place where we can challenge ourselves, support each other, and break through barriers. That's what cycling has done for me, and I can't wait to see more women experience that same thrill and empowerment.

Listen to my Episode of the Girls Gone Gravel Podcast ⬇️

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