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Train with me this Winter at Basecamp!

Thinking of hiring a coach or have a goal you're trying to train for? Basecamp is a training community led by pro coaches sharing, learning, and motivating each other to achieve our varied training goals. I'll be training on Basecamp this winter. Let's train together!

Join my coach Tim Cusick, 3x world champion Amber Neben, Liv mountain bike pro Serena Bishop Gordon, and myself for a short, interactive webinar explaining the what and why of BaseCamp 2021:

Tuesday, October 27th 6pm MST  Webinar with Rebecca, Coach Tim & Amber Neben

Basecamp training starts November 30. Registration is open now.  Not sure what's on your calendar yet for 2021, that's OK.  We are training for life and to be the best version of ourselves. Come ride with me! 

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