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Giddy Up Challenge Recap Report

The energy and teamwork throughout the whole weekend was inspiring and motivating. There is such a great power in gathering together, for our collective purpose to protect the outdoor spaces we love. Thank you for joining, thank you for supporting. Whether you rode, ran, or donated, you made an impact and carried out our mission to Be Good! 

We raised $100,000 to conserve our outdoor spaces and help make them more accessible to everyone! We had over 300 participants throughout 12 countries. The collective energy, enthusiasm and passion rippled throughout the world, and was felt deeply here at the Giddy Up Challenge HQ. To read more about the Giddy Up Challenge, click the picture below!

Want to continue the Be Good momentum? Join us for RPI! You can plan, train and execute with myself and my Coach Tim in RPI BaseCamp. Our customized eight-week training program will prepare riders for any version of RPI. Each participant will have intimate access to robust and unique content from Rebecca and her network of performance experts. Learn more about RPI BaseCamp here.

This year you can Ride Locally, Race Globally. Ride with me from anywhere. A new staple of the RPI world and a way to connect all of the RPI community worldwide. Even if you can’t be in Idaho with us, you can still be part of the event, the training, the community and the fun. Following the format of 2020’s RPI Challenge, this registration level will allow participants to race against each other globally! RPI remote riders will compete for finishes and spots on a distinct remote podium with awards, challenges, and finisher prizes. Get ready to #GiddyUp! 

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