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Rebecca at the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial for Memorial Day 2019

If anything should happen to me, please don’t let me die to Sharon and Becky.

Be Good,


These were the last words my Dad, Stephen Rusch (shown above), wrote to us in his final letter home from the Vietnam War. My sister and I have taken his words to heart and strive to live by his instructions every day.

This past Memorial Day, my sister, Sharon Bannister, and I gave the most important speech of our lives at the #VietnamVeteransMemorial and shared our parallel stories of finding him and keeping his memory and impact alive.

Scroll through some photos from the day in the gallery below.



Through the loss of one family member, we have gained thousands of new family members who have also been touched by loss. Sis and I were so honored to be part of this important ceremony and connect with this community.

To all those who’ve lost, you are not alone and they are not truly gone as long as we listen to their words and hear them.

If you weren't able to catch the speech live at the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, check out the video below.

Want to learn more about the Vietnam Veteran Memorial and my time at The Wall? Check out this article written by the about my father, my sister, and myself as we return to The Wall and honor his legacy. You can read it here >>

If you're interested and passionate in becoming involved, check out the Be Good foundation and how you can make a difference here >>

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