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My Journey Told Through My Jersey

In 2015, along the Ho Chi Minh Trail, I found a missing piece of myself, a reborn connection to my father and also my purpose. Since that life changing expedition, I have continued on a journey of reflection and personal discovery.

My work, my riding, my logo and all aspects of my life reflect teachings from that ride. The gifts from that 1200 mile ride through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia continue to reveal themselves in unique and wonderful ways.

Recently, Velocio Apparel designed a custom jersey for me that implements all of the elements of my personal logo, my navigation through life and my connection to my family and purpose. Thank you to Velocio & Brad Sheehan for making me such a special jersey that not only fits my body, but fits my soul and spirit. Here's the amazing jersey and also some background in the elements of the design.

Be Good - My father signed off with these words in his letters from Vietnam War. His words have become my guiding principle and my mantra. The handwritten text is actually his handwriting.

Topography - This is the actual topographical map of the specific place my Dad's plane went down along the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos. The blue dot and map coordinates (written in Lao) over the heart is the precise location where he died, where I connected with him, and my purpose.

Compass - the compass in my logo represents the search we are all on to find our place, our purpose, ourselves. The compass is the tool to find our way and where we truly need to go.

World Champ Stripes - my journey to find my Dad never could have happened without my career as a professional athlete. My endurance racing and cycling were the things gave me the tools to take on an expedition like Blood Road and the bike finally guided me to him.

Colors - Orange and burgundy: the colors of the monks robes in SE Asia and representative of the Buddhist philosophy of kindness and forgiveness. The blue, the color of my Dad's eyes and mine. Also the color of water representing flow and movement.

I hope sharing this with you not only helps you relate to me, but to also think about your philosophy and your navigational path. Be Good.

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