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Celebrating a Year of Success

Reflecting on my career, what I cherish most isn't a specific triumph but rather my adaptability and staying power. As both a world-class endurance athlete and entrepreneur, I've learned that these qualities are crucial for personal success and making a meaningful impact.

My 2023 Year End Report  is a reflection of a year dedicated to collaboration, creativity, and sharing my Wilderness Wisdom with more people. All of this leading to the true impact I can make for others with Rusch Ventures and The Be Good™ Foundation

So what's next for 2024? I'm excited to start on some collaborations have developed from my work this past year. All of my focused projects continue to use my years of athletic and entrepreneurial expertise to propel myself and others to their full potential. Check out my Schedule to see where I will be in 2024!

Read my full 2023 End of Year Report . and join me in celebrating success and continuing to embrace what comes in the journey ahead.

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