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My Essential Guide to Dressing for Winter Cycling: Embrace the Chill!

As the mercury drops and the landscape transforms into a glistening winter paradise, it's not the time to stow away your bike. It's the time to embrace the crisp, invigorating rides that only winter can offer. I'm here to share my go-to strategies for dressing for winter cycling, ensuring you're well-equipped to tackle temperatures from a biting -40 to a more temperate +30°F.

Winter Riding: It's Not Just Cold, It's an Adventure!

Let me tell you, there's something magical about winter cycling. The quietness of the trails, the soft crunch of snow under your tires, and the challenge of navigating the elements—it all adds up to an experience that's both exhilarating and serene. But the real secret to enjoying this winter wonderland on wheels is dressing smart.

Mastering the Layering Game

Layering isn't just a strategy; it's an art, especially in winter cycling. You're dealing with cold air, sure, but your body is also working up a sweat. The goal with layering is twofold: shield yourself from the harsh elements and allow your body to breathe, preventing any sweat from turning into an icy enemy.

Here's How I Layer Up:
  1. Base Layer: I start with a snug, moisture-wicking base layer. It's like a second skin that keeps the sweat off.

  1. Insulating Layer: Next comes the warmth. A cozy fleece or wool layer retains the heat your body generates.

  2. Outer Layer: Finally, a sturdy windproof, and waterproof shell to fend off the biting wind and any snowflakes that dare to land on me.

Remember: Sweating is a no-no. If you start feeling a bit too toasty, it's time to peel off a layer. Don't hesitate to pause your ride to adjust your layers. Your comfort is worth that stop.

Choosing the Right Gear

Here's a tip: you don't need to limit yourself to cycling-specific gear. My winter rides are a blend of cycling, skiing, running, and even some hunting gear. It's all about what keeps you warm, dry, and comfortable. Of course, I have my favorites from my sponsors like Big Agnes, Smith, and Revelate Designs, but your winter cycling wardrobe can be as unique as your ride.

Riding Through Winter: My Top Tips:

  • Layer wisely: It's all about balancing warmth and breathability.

  • Stay dry to stay warm: Sweat is your enemy in the cold.

  • Think outside the bike shop: Mix and match gear from other sports.

  • Adjust on the go: Don't shy away from taking a layer off or putting one on.

  • Champion sponsor gear: Gear from Big Agnes, Smith, and Revelate Designs is tried and tested by yours truly.

Winter cycling isn't just another ride; it's a whole new perspective on the sport. With the right approach to dressing, you'll find that even the coldest days can lead to the warmest cycling memories. So suit up, stay cozy, and let's make this winter cycling season one for the books!

Check out the attached video for a peek into my personal gear selections for those chilly rides and my full gear list with links below. Whether you're out for a quick spin or braving the trail all day, the right gear makes all the difference.

Stay warm and ride on!



Smartwool Thin Socks -

Smartwool Thick Socks -

Turkey Baster Bags -

45NRTH Wolfgar Cycling Boots -

Over Boots (not exact ones shown in video) -


Velocio Apparel half shorts -

Black Diamond Merino Wool Base Leggings -

First Lite Catalyst Soft Shell Pants -

Outdoor Research Leggings -

Nordic XC Sking Pants -

The North Face Over Pants -


Merino Wool Sports Bra -

Velocio Basic Wool Base Layer Tee -

Velocio Merino Wool Tank -

Velocio Long Sleeve Base Layer -

Velocio Alpha Merino Jacket -

First Lite Soft Shell Catalyst Jacket -

Velocio Ultralight Jacket -

Big Agnes Larkspur Puffy Coat -

Big Agnes Down Jacket -

Velocio Rain Jacket -


45NRTH Cycling Cap -

Big Agnes Beanie -

Headband/Ear Cover (not exact one shown in video) - Velocio Merino Wool Neck Gaiter -

Cold Avenger Mask -

Smith Trace Helmet -

Smith Boomtown Glasses -

Smith SQUAD MTB Goggles -

Velocio Soft Shell Glove -

45NRTH Gloves -

Revelate Designs Pogies -

*Disclaimer: This description contains affiliate links. That means that I am awarded a small commission for purchases made through them, at no added cost for you.

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