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Geartrade - What is Fat Tire Biking?

Check out the latest article from Geartrade on Fat Biking featuring Rebecca!

"Fat tire biking is exactly what it sounds like, riding bikes on oversized tires. The oversized tires serve a purpose, which is to float on top of soft surfaces such as sand or snow...Fat bikes are comparable to a traditional mountain bike, with wider rims to accommodate the tires and less of a focus on suspension, as the tires, which are inflated at a much lower PSI than summer mountain bike tires, provide plenty of cushion. Fat tire bikes also tend to run heavier than mountain bikes."

Read the full article HERE

Rebecca's Fat Bike Set Up:

Here's what I was rocking at the 2021 ITI Alaska! Having reliable strong components are a MUST for my self-supported expeditions. The last thing you want is to be caught in the middle of nowhere with a mechanical!

  1. Bike: Fatback Corvus

  2. Drivetrain: SRAM XX1 Eagle 26 tooth front chainring because snow biking is slow due to conditions and a loaded bike for expeditions. Eagle 10-50 cassette gives me a big range in gearing.

  3. Tires: Maxxis Colossus

  4. Wheels: ENVE Composites new m685 27.5 wheels

  5. Saddle: WTB Koda

  6. Bags and storage: Revelate Designs

  7. Navigation, satellite tracking, and emergency communication: Garmin inReach Mini is a satellite device I find essential for safety and navigation in expeditions like this. Plus, a Garmin Etrex GPS as an additional and back up navigational tool.

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