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Announcing the Liv Be Good Edition Devote

What an exciting day! It's official: the Liv Be Good Edition Devote is now available to order!

Without further ado, let me introduce you to the Liv Be Good Devote. My dad used the phrase "be good" to sign off all the letters he sent home to us during the Vietnam War, and it became the name of the foundation I created after my journey to Laos to ride the Ho Chi Mihn Trail and find where his plane was shot down.

The Be Good Foundation was created from my father's message, from my mission, and as a call to action for all who desire to live with purpose, explore with passion, and create lasting change. The Be Good Foundation enriches communities by using the bicycle as a catalyst for healing, empowerment, and evolution.

Ultimately, “Be Good” means to do your best and to do the right thing, and "Devote" means to give a large part of your time and resources to a person, activity, or cause. Together, we have created the perfect bike to bring awareness to the Foundation and honor the message my father gave me on my journey seven years ago.

We all want to be the best version of ourselves. We also want to live with purpose.

The Be Good Devote is a beautiful collaboration of devoting yourself to a craft and committing to the thing that helps you feel your best and be a good version of yourself. Expanding beyond self and using the Be Good Devote sentiment to empower others to be their best version is a winning formula for personal and global health.

I'm so humbled and proud to be a part of a global team that can impact individual riders and the global cycling community. We are individuals first, and our bicycles are necessary tools to heal and grow. Once that personal magic happens, we are fortified and can then cast a wider net of strength and support to others. This Liv Devote might have been created for me as a launching point, but the really exciting part is that through this bicycle, people around the world will feel joy, strength, and courage.

The bicycle is my tool for grounding, exploration, and growth. Being in motion outdoors is where I am the best version of myself. I have always been a curious explorer, even as a young girl camping in the back yard and riding my bike beyond our neighborhood and eventually around the world. My passion and commitment earned medals, trophies, and accolades that I'm proud of, but winning does not equal worth. Those wins and my experience as a professional cyclist were the catalyst that allowed me to connect with my true purpose.

When I rode the entire length of the Ho Chi Minh Trail in 2015 to find my father's crash site, I did not find what I expected. I discovered a beautiful culture and community. I connected with my family and other families who've lost someone. I discovered and stood in the place where my father was last alive and felt his spirit surge through me. I also experienced the devastating impact that the bombs from a war that ended a half century ago were still having on the communities along the trail. I did not experience closure in any way. I experienced an awakening to my purpose and the revelation that my explorations and my bicycle were always leading me toward this purpose. I could hear my dad's words even more distinctly just as he'd signed them in his letters home from Vietnam: "Be Good." He inspired me to try harder, to push further, and above all to remind myself and others that we all have unique talents that can be harnessed for good. The Be Good Foundation is my way of honoring him and using my bicycle and my reach to help the world heal, connect, and evolve one pedal stroke at a time. My biggest win is finally understanding and acting on my dad's instructions to Be Good.

I am so thankful for this opportunity and partnership with Liv Cycling. I first connected with Liv at a very pivotal moment in my career; I had launched the Be Good Foundation and was on a path to expanding my impact to encourage more people to use the bicycle as a catalyst for good. I knew I was navigating into new territory. I had the vision and the groundwork developed but not the bandwidth or global reach to execute this dream. Liv and I aligned our mission and passion, and it felt natural from the beginning. As a team we have the drive, passion, navigational tools, and structure to Be Good together. This opportunity and journey excites me as much as any path I've taken. I hope you will join us.

Check out the Be Good Devote now and join us on our mission to Be Good.

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