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Meet the first two Be Good RPI scholarship recipients

The Be Good™ Foundation was originally founded by Rebecca Rusch after her life-altering journey to Laos in 2015. As the first person to ever ride the entirety of the Ho Chi Mihn Trail, this journey not only led Rebecca to her father's crash and subsequent burial site, but also ignited a spark in her to "be good," as her father always told her to do.

The Be Good Foundation is built on creating opportunities for outdoor exploration, personal discovery, and humanitarian service at local, national, and global levels. As part of that mission, it offers a sponsorship opportunity for cyclists from the para-cycling, BIPOC, and LQBTQ+ communities to attend Rebecca's namesake gravel race, Rebecca's Private Idaho, in September. With the intent to connect more riders from different backgrounds and communities, the scholarship includes a waived entry fee, travel to and from Ketchum, Idaho, a bike and gear if the participant needs it, a training program through RPI BaseCamp, and lodging.

Donations from our incredible community have so far secured two lucky riders with a spot at RPI 2022, and we'd like to introduce them to you: Bruce Cooper and Brooke Goudy.

Bruce has called Idaho home since 1966 and has been exploring the world by bike since his first big ride from Boise, Idaho, to Mt. Vernon, Washington, when he was just seventeen years old. A wounded veteran, Bruce loves the freedom cycling still provides for him, even if it's now on a recumbent trike.

"My new mission is to help others with disabilities reengage with life through outdoor sports and help them find hope," Bruce said. "This scholarship will help me show people with challenges that they can participate and excel in sports they thought were closed to them."

The scholarship has given Bruce the ability to not only ride at RPI this year, but also train and be a part of something bigger than himself. "It also means I can sleep comfortably, shower, and eat some food I don't have to cook," he joked, adding that what he is truly most grateful for is the opportunity for inclusion and community.

Bruce loves the freedom his recumbent trike gives him, whether he’s riding on or off the road.

Brooke Goudy originally hails from Montgomery, Alabama, and now calls Boulder, Colorado, home. Relatively new to the world of gravel, Brooke was first introduced to cycling through mountain biking four years ago. She is the co-founder of the Denver chapter of Black Girls Do Bike.

Brooke took on and finished the Continental Divide Trail last summer. Photo taken by Dan Furlani.

“I love the joy it brings and the places it takes me," Brooke said. "It reconnects me with nature and allows me to discover parts of myself that can only be experienced when I am out in nature and on my bike."

Brooke is excited to join the world-renowned gravel race and see other riders who look like her at the start and finish lines. She is excited about this scholarship because "by offering this, [the Be Good Foundation is] saying that we are putting our words into action and making financial sacrifices to ensure that this sport is representative of ALL who want to join."

While we are so incredibly excited and honored to be sending Bruce and Brooke to RPI Sun Valley, we would love to be able to offer the same opportunity to even more riders from marginalized communities. If you would like to help support this project, please click here to donate to the Cauze via the Be Good Foundation. Every little bit helps!

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