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You're Invited to Laos + "A Bomb’s Journey: Rebecca's Return"

In 2015, with the help of an incredible team and my riding partner Huyen Nguyen, I rode 1,200 miles on the Ho Chi Minh trail in search of where my father's plane crashed during the Vietnam War. It still all seems so surreal that I was able to find it. Since then, we've created Blood Road and launched the Be Good Foundation but I wanted share the experience of Laos and how it changed my life to those willing to take the adventure with me.


Come with me and #jointherusch during a fully-supported, expertly-guided adventure on the Ho Chi Minh trail December 1st-18th, 2019. As part of this trip, you will not only experience the ride of a lifetime, you will also be part of the healing work of clearing Laos of dangerous debris still left from the Vietnam War. You will truly be using your bicycle as a vehicle for change and recovery.

While you are learning more about MTB-LAO, check out this video Red Bull put together following my return to Laos.

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