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Why Rebecca Rusch Remains Our Hero: Iditarod To Iceland

The "Queen of Pain" is off on a new extreme adventure

Read Full Article on Road Bike Action Magazine Here

"Similar to her nearly six-day trek in Alaska where she rode unsupported, sleeping and eating in the frozen conditions (with just 14 hours of sleep), Rebecca’s jaunt across Iceland will be little different, but she will be joined by two teammates for the planned week(ish) long trek.

While the frozen conditions would be extreme even for the Sun Valley, Idaho resident, they really just represent another physical challenge for Rebecca who is best known for her winning ways on both her gravel and mountain bike. And of course, speaking of gravel, we would encourage everyone with an eye towards improving their fitness to sign-up for her Giddy-Up Challenge digital event and training ride and the gravel real-time/non-virtual event she is best known for, Rebecca’s Private Idaho which will take place in her hometown of Sun Valley over the Labor Day weekend."

Read Full Article on Road Bike Action Magazine Here

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