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The Long Game Podcast: Biking Through the Pain of War

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

“She opened the blinders and just kind of said to me, ‘Look, here's this and here's that,’ and she just started to show me her world." - Rebecca Rusch

Rebecca has shared the story of biking the Ho Chi Minh trail many times, including in her Emmy-award winning documentary, Blood Road. But for the first time ever, Rebecca and her expedition partner, Huyen Nguyen, share their stories together. Not just an in-depth look at the expedition, episode 6 of The Long Game podcast casts a light on Rebecca and Huyen's shared ties to the Vietnam War through their fathers, as well as how Huyen helped Rebecca get through an environment completely foreign to her. Listen to this incredible half-hour podcast to get the never-before-heard background on the making of Blood Road. Listen below or visit the podcast website. And don’t forget to register for RPI 2023!

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