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The Future Is Female and These 40 Women Are Proof

Originally posted In honor of Outside's 40th anniversary, we're selecting our all-time favorite gear, places, accomplishments, and people. This month, we rounded up 40 women who have made the biggest impacts on our world.

Rebecca was listed with other amazing women in the article here

It would be easy label Rebecca Rusch simply as "mountain biker." She’s a seven-time world champion, has won the infamous Leadville Trail 100 MTB race a record-tying four times, and last year, with teammate Patrick Sweeney, was among the third party ever to summit Mount Kilimanjaro on bikes. Rusch has also won world and national championships in cross-country skiing, orienteering, whitewater rafting, and adventure racing, and has a first female ascent climbing El Capitan in Yosemite. At 48 years old, Rusch continues to crush. With a refined, patient approach to racing, she's beating men half her age. "All these guys will go out hot [in endurance bike races], and hours later I catch them," she told Outside. "They always ask, 'Why do you start so slowly?' And I answer, 'Why do you finish so slowly?'" —Wes Judd

|April 11, 2017 | Outside Magazine |

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