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Second Nature Podcast: The Heroine's Journey with Rebecca Rusch Episode 9

I recently had the pleasure of joining Aaron Lutze on the Second Nature Podcast and I’m so excited to share some highlights with you!

🌿 Heroine's Journey: We dove deep into the concept of the Heroine's Journey, an inward and outward exploration. Just like in Blood Road, the journey is more than conquering the external challenges; it is also about the introspection and personal growth.

🌟 Athlete as Entrepreneur: We explored the multifaceted life of an athlete today - from content creation to entrepreneurship. It's all about following your passion and constantly evolving.

📅 Rebecca's Private Idaho: Aaron has raced it three times! We reminisced about those incredible experiences and the amazing community it brings together every year.

🌿 Wilderness Wisdom & Mentorship: We talked about the importance of sharing knowledge and getting more women involved in leadership roles in the outdoor industry.

🎧 Tune in to catch these insights and more. Aaron is a phenomenal host, and I’m excited to see where his entrepreneurial journey with this podcast takes him. This was his first solo episode, and it’s a must-listen!

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