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Rich Roll Podcast: "The Queen of Pain"

I’ve done plenty of podcasts where I talk about my latest adventure - what did I eat, how did I select my gear, etc. Talking to Rich Roll was different. It was like a campfire conversation with a brother, a friend, a fellow ultra endurance junkie and soul seeker. Even though we just met, there was an instant connection and and ease in taking the conversation to a deeper level. I guess that’s why he’s so good at what he does.

We both understand that winning encompasses so much more than podiums and record breaking speeds so we dug into my world beyond elite performance. We talked about lifelong curiosity, adventure, continuous personal evolution, elite performance at 50 and contributing to the world in the ways we all can.

This in depth conversation with Rich left me feeling centered, peaceful and excited to do more. He has that way with people. Thanks Rich for the great conversation and I hope you’ll accept my challenge to come ride with me sometime!

Want to listen to the podcast on the go? Download the episode and learn more here >>

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