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Remote Registration NOW OPEN - Rebecca's Private Idaho

Exciting News & Updates from the World of RPI!

Buckle up! Saddle up! And giddy-up! Rebecca’s Private Idaho has been expanded to include RPI Remote. Explore your own private Alabamas, Californias, Ohios or wherever in the world you call home!

Just like RPI Sun Valley, RPI Remote will take place over Labor Day Weekend. We will show you how to plan and build your own routes so you can compete globally.

Choose from four courses ranging from 20 to 196 miles and compete against the world (or even just yourself!) Shoot for the top of the Strava leaderboard and earn bragging rights and sweet rewards.

RPI Remote is also a Be Good ™ Foundation Fundraiser. So gather your local cycling community, bike club, or whoever you like to explore with on two wheels, create your own RPI right where you are and and help make the world outside a better place!

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