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Rebecca's Private Idaho 2020 - A Global Success!

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

For 8 years, Rebecca’s Private Idaho has always been more than a race.  It’s about people, place and purpose. 2020 served us up a lot of unexpected and we wanted to do something that mattered and made a difference for people.  We knew we could still provide a world-class event in a creative, unique way and we also knew that riders of all levels, including Pros, were still craving motivation, inspiration, connection and a goal to shoot for. So we reimagined the format to a hybrid concept of training and coaching - and the RPI Challenge was born!  

This format included unprecedented access to Rebecca's network of human performance experts to educate riders and help them prepare, plan and execute their bodies, minds and equipment for the RPI Challenge.

With their RPI membership participants had special access as they trained along and became teammates with Rebecca.. Access included multitude of resources and exclusive content that provided motivation, knowledge and comradery.

As our community grew, we introduced our partners through authentic and organic moment in time interactions. Partners provided insightful content targeted to the consumer experience presented through our “Tech Talk” platform and exclusive special offers.

After weeks of preparing it was time to hit the personal curated routes -  We taught riders of all levels how to plan their route from wherever they were creating an intimate yet global experience!

After 8 weeks of the enriched training through the RPI program and 3 days of gravel grinding awesomeness across the globe, we wrapped the RPI Challenge just like RPI with an official podium and awards celebration show Live on Instagram!

The RPI Challenge also delivered as a Be Good Fundraising Event! This year, we focused on supporting Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in the cycling community. Funds raised via: Participant fundraising, Partner Donations, our annual RPI online Auction, and a portion of the RPI Challenge registration fees.

See our full Recap HERE

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