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Rebecca Rusch: Making A Difference

"Meet ultra-endurance athlete, 7-time World Champion, Emmy winner, and adventure sports pioneer Rebecca Rusch - a true cycling catalyst accelerating change." - Liv Cycling USA

Rebecca Rusch is, the epitome of determination and grit in the world of cycling. Her relentless spirit and resilience on the trails have earned her the well-deserved nickname "Queen of Pain." In 2019, her remarkable achievements led to her nomination for the prestigious Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. Beyond her personal accomplishments, Rebecca is channeling her passion for cycling into a mission for change through her non-profit organization, the Be Good™ Foundation. By utilizing bicycles as tools for healing, empowerment, and inclusion, she is making a global impact and creating newfound opportunities for women, girls, and individuals from all walks of life to experience the joy of cycling.

Discover how Rebecca is changing the landscape of cycling ⬇️

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