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Outdoor Biz Podcast- Exploring Endurance: Uncovering the Trails and Adventures of Rebecca Rush

Embark on a journey through the heart of the outdoor industry with the latest episode of the Outdoor Biz Podcast, featuring none other than the "Queen of Pain" herself, Rebecca Rusch. Host, Rick Saez, delves into the tales of backcountry trails, startup thrills, and retail spills, Rebecca shares her storied career, from her cherished childhood memories of freedom on her first bicycle to her monumental expeditions across the world's most rugged terrains.

Discover how a purple bike with a flower basket led Rebecca to become a seven-time world champion, an Emmy Award winner, and a beacon of endurance and exploration. Learn how her mother's frugal road trips sowed the seeds of adventure that would flourish into a career spanning mountains, marathons, and meaningful missions.

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