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Mountain Flyer Podcast: Rebecca Rusch V 5.0

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

It's safe to say I'll never grow tired of podcasts. Today, I've lined up another great episode for you together with my friends at Mountain Flyer Magazine. Together, we chat about life and what's been happening in my corner since turning 50 last year. It's been an incredible ride that shows zero signs of stopping.

In addition to sharing the podcast episode with you (player and link below for your listening pleasure), I decided to re-share my thoughts on turning 50, from right around this time last year.


It’s kind of hard for me to believe, but I’m 50 today. I’ve never thought much about age and have never felt limited by age. I’m not even close to “retiring” and in fact, I don’t really understand that question when people ask it. Instead, I’m continually evolving, growing, and expanding my career. I don’t plan to ever retire from doing that. Exploration and being outdoors is what feeds my soul, my brain, my heart, and my lungs.

Instead of celebrating 50, I’m celebrating Rebecca—Version 5.0:

V 1.0 These years are when my exploratory spirit was born and where I also found cross country running and team sports. I started to learn what it was like to use my legs to explore the outdoors.

V 2.0 I found rock climbing and solo expeditions in this version. Illinois was great, but I had to head West in my Bronco and explore. As a rock climbing gym owner/manager and guide, I found a career path that challenged my mind as well as my body.

V3.0 The pull of adventure and exploration was strong. This decade was all about adventure racing around the globe and building a new career as an athlete. Cycling came into the picture—so did Idaho—and I finally found a place to finally park the Bronco and call home. Most importantly, someone to share my home and passion with…I found @svgreg, my soulmate.

V4.0 Taking the path less traveled. I’ve been called an entrepreneur, a visionary, a legend…I’m not sure about those labels, but this period did start to feel like my hard work had made a mark in the industry. The athletic career had become a business. That business led me to find my family and my father in the remote jungles of Laos and finally, all of the wandering, exploring, and searching made complete sense.

V5.0 I have no idea how the next 10 years will unfold or what will fill this space. I do know that priorities of home, health, challenge, peace, and exploration (inside and out) will paint part of the picture. Risk = Reward, Passion = Payoff, Give = Get, Less = More.


Want to listen on The Mountain Flyer Podcast website? It's right here >>

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