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MAG - Roving De-Mining Team

Here's an update on the Mines Advisory Group roving de-mining team:

The Mines Advisory Group is a non-governmental organization that assists people affected by landmines, unexploded ordnance, and small arms and light weapons. MAG takes a humanitarian approach to landmine action. They focus on the impact of their work on local communities

Rebecca's message:

More than 250 million bombs were dropped on Laos during the Vietnam War – the equivalent of one planeload every eight minutes for nine years. Around a third of the bombs failed to detonate as intended, laying dormant but ready to strike at any moment. The unexploded bombs that litter Laos are still claiming lives today, 45 years after the war ended. I launched the Be Good Foundation after my journey down the Ho Chi Minh trail...a trail called Blood Road because so many lost their lives there. And lives are still being lost due to the unexploded bombs still left in Laos. Be Good Foundation's genesis came from my discovery of the bombs still left. Our mission: to use the bicycle as a catalyst for healing, evolution, and empowerment. I'm proud to announce our fundraising efforts from 2019 have recently funded a roving de-mining team in the Khammouane province of Laos. I've ridden there, I've met the villagers and now we've helped fund more MAG workers to help safely clear the land from a war that ended decades ago.

Learn more about the MAG: Here

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