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How Rebecca Rusch Elevated Unbound Gravel

“I can't remember what year it was that Rebecca Rusch showed up, but she was the ‘queen of pain’, a multi-time MTB national champ, and a legitimate legend. She showed up and legitimized it, and the buzz started happening,” four-time Unbound Gravel 200 men’s champion Dan Hughes told Cyclingnews.

“You know, I was a naysayer, and literally, I couldn't have wanted to do anything less. But I was forced to go, and I was wrong about it. It was actually pretty exciting,” the cycling legend confirmed. “A mass of people riding together that did not appeal to me as an explorer and a mountain biker, someone who likes to be alone in the wilderness. So it wasn’t a big sort of mass conglomerate that I feared it might be. The terrain was exciting, and it was kind of fun. I found it was a lot like mountain biking.

“I took it seriously, went back to defend, and it became part of my race schedule for a number of years. And, honestly, Unbound was part of the big motivation for me to launch Rebecca's Private Idaho.” - Rebecca Rusch

Read all about how Rebecca made Unbound Gravel go viral ⬇️

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