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From Iditarod To Iceland; Rebecca Rusch & Her Snow Bike

The bike and body essentials for a ride that few would attempt

Read Full article from Mountain Bike Action HERE

"Just days after she successfully competed in (and won) the 350 mile Iditarod Trail Invitational, mountain biking’s bravest adventure rider Rebecca Rusch is off to ride her bike across Iceland. Iceland in the winter, yeah, and just as you’d expect, and just as Rebecca reminds us, it’s considered “some of the most remote, beautiful and difficult terrain the country has to offer.” Of course, because if it wasn’t difficult, why would Rebecca make the attempt?!

Although she rode her carbon FatBack snow bike in Alaska, for the Iceland trip she will be rolling along on a new adventure bike from Giant. The Giant Yukon uses an aluminum frame and fits the massive 5″ tires necessary to roll on snow. Rebecca relies on 27.5″ Maxxis Colossus tires filled with Orange Seal sub-zero sealant and at 3-4psi. mounted on Enve wheels. Added accessories include Revelate bags and Crank Brothers Mallet pedals. Thanks to all the necessary gear that includes a sleeping ag and stove, the 25 pound bike balloons up to 55-pounds -basically an e-bike weight but without any motor!"

Read Full article from Mountain Bike Action HERE

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