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Finding Mastery Podcast: The Explorer's Guide to Self Discovery

When I push myself really hard physically, I learn. On the trail is where I learn about myself, where I understand what's next. It's where I solve problems. Why am I here? What am I doing? What is this world about? Learning happens for me when I am physically at my limit.

The opportunity to chat with world-renowned high performance psychologist Michael Gervais of Finding Mastery was so fun and thought provoking. He is a guru of mindset skills training for the best performers in the world. We've circulated in the same field of elite athletics for decades but never had the chance to talk until recently. Full disclosure: I was a little star-struck and also a little intimidated to talk to him. As an explorer, I am continually working to hone my mindset and performance, but more as a self study, navigating without a trail map, instead of guided by a leading expert in this field. Part of me wondered if he'd expose weaknesses in my own mindset. And I was ready and willing to be exposed.

The conversation that unfolded felt cozy, probing, motivating, funny, enlightening, and yes, a little exposed. I found myself nodding, stumbling on some hard questions, and being pushed to articulate my thoughts on a deeper level. I paused often, because he really challenged me. But the real bond formed when I learned that we both believe dogs lead a lifestyle worth emulating.

Journaling, movement, being outside, volunteering/giving, having someone to share love with, meditation/mindfulness....these are menu items for mental wellness that Michael brings up in our conversation. I loved being pushed to articulate, and I also loved the camaraderie that blossomed immediately and the super simple ways he outlined that we can train our mental wellness to the same standard that we train our physical wellness.

Give this episode a listen, and maybe some of our musings will help move your own compass. I know they did for me.

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