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Consummate Athlete podcast: "Adventures, Pain, and Mindset"

Recently I shared with you my chat with Wheelie Creative's Outside by Design podcast where I talked about personal manifestos, the power of pessimism, and the challenges of the creative process. You can listen to that episode here >>

This week I wanted to share another podcast I was recently on with my friends over at the Consummate Athlete Podcast. We talked about some of my adventures, my relationship with pain, and mindset--three pretty big themes in my life!



Want to #JoinTheRusch for your own adventure?  My team and I have planned ways for riders and adventurers of all levels to stretch your limits, challenge yourself, and see parts of the world that will amaze and inspire you. Celebrate my hometown with a Labor Day Weekend ride of 20, 62.5, or 100 miles at Rebecca's Private Idaho, or travel with us this December to experience the epic trails, impactful history, and beautiful people of Laos on the MTB-LAO trip.

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