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A Conversation with World Champions Kate Courtney and Rebecca Rusch

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"In a new episode of the Red Bull series, “Discover Your Wiiings,” endurance cycling legend Rebecca Rusch will host a virtual conversation with professional mountain biker and former cross-country world champ Kate Courtney.

During both of their careers, both Rusch and Courtney have left — and continue to leave — an indelible mark on mountain biking. Rusch, 52, has countless accolades in adventure racing and endurance events and is also an author, motivational speaker, and the director of Rebecca’s Private Idaho, a popular gravel race near Sun Valley. She recently completed the self-supported Iditarod Trail Invitational 350 on a fat bike for the second time.

Courtney, 25, is one of the most-decorated American cross-country racers. She won the UCI XC World Championship in 2018 and the World Cup championship in 2019. While currently training for the 2021 Olympic Games, Courtney is also committed to helping create opportunities for more aspiring pro bike racers. "

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