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The Greg Bennett Show - Podcast with Rebecca Rusch

In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg has a delightful with Rebecca Rusch. LISTEN NOW

Rebecca Rusch is one of the world's greatest ultra-endurance athletes. Her career has spanned numerous adventure sports including rock climbing, adventure racing, whitewater rafting, cross-country skiing, gravel biking, and mountain biking. She was nominated to the International Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in 2019, owns seven World Championship titles in multiple disciplines.

Author – her book Rusch to Glory

Emmy award winner for her documented cycling expedition on the Ho Chi Minh trail - Blood Road. Motivational speaker and Event promoter – With Rebecca’s Private Idaho

She’s contributing to the greater good and giving back with her foundation “Be Good”.

In this episode, Rebecca discusses her journey and the importance of the documentary film - Blood Road. How rather than closing a door to a part of her life it opened her life to so much more.

The thing that becomes clear in this episode is Rebecca's ability to adapt and become stronger under difficult circumstances. This is true for her life, her career as an adventure racer and professional Mountain biker.

Be sure to listen to this one until the end... simply so many fantastic stories and takeaways from one of the world's truly great inspiring people.

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