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Rebecca's Giddy Up Challenge!

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Rebecca rode multiple laps on the infamous RPI Trail Creek hill climb with the goal of climbing the equivalent elevation of Mount Everest (29,092’) in a single day. This type of challenge is called “Everesting” and it’s incredibly difficult. Challenge yourself and #GiddyUpForGood wherever you are! Choose your distance and your discipline and giddy up! Together we’ll motivate each other and pedal for purpose.

Here's how it worked:

The challenge must be completed sometime between 12:01am MST on Friday, May 22nd and 11:59pm MST on Monday, May 25th. Amazing prizes, Strava leaderboard, bragging rights and virtual hugs included.


CHOOSE A SINGLE ACTIVITY AND COMPLETE IT IN ONE SHOT: Ride/run must be completed in one attempt (i.e. no sleep!). Stopping for meals and breaks is fine, but remember that these breaks add to your overall time and add up quickly! You may complete this format over any terrain you want until you reach your vertical goal.  CHOOSE A SINGLE CLIMB:  In traditional "Everesting" format, choose one hill for this challenge and repeat as many times as necessary to meet the elevation requirement of your category. You cannot ride/run different routes on the same mountain. Your chosen climb can be of any length.

Here's how it went:

We did some pretty cool things together in the inaugural Rebecca's Giddy Up Challenge! Take a look through the 2020 Event Recap for details.

Over Memorial Day weekend 900 participants from around the world joined The Queen of Pain to #GiddyUpForGood! Together we climbed over 10 million feet and raised over $130,000 for COVID-19 relief!

Stay tuned for more details for next year!

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