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Jay P's Fat Pursuit 2021

My thoughts on the past weekend.

When I set out on a 200km self supported fat bike ride over the weekend, my escapism from the trauma, hate, violence and attack on our democracy felt selfish. I watched in horror as the domestic terrorism unfolded. Then I turned off the news and went into the woods on my bike. I was loaded down with survival gear, food and all that I would need to move through the Idaho mountains in winter.

The contrast from the chaos in our nation's Capitol and how my weekend unfolded couldn't have been more stark. I rode for 22.5 hours straight near the Idaho / Montana border through beautiful terrain along the Continental Divide. I was alone with my thoughts in nature. While my physical body grew fatigued and drained from the massive effort, my mind and spirit took an opposite trajectory and began to rejuvenate. I am grateful for my ability to go to places like this to process thoughts and to learn about myself.

I came out of the woods from #FatPursuit with the understanding that we must speak the truth. Love and compassion are the only way forward. Even if the trail is obscured or seems impossible, the work and forward movement needs to continue. Thanks to those who followed this ride. Thanks to Jay Petevary for inspiring people to do what seems impossible. Thanks to my partners who make spending time in these extreme elements possible. And thanks to all of you who are speaking the truth. #BeGood #DirtDharma #WSGFABR

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