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24Hop Event Recap

In 2004, this adventure racer was dragged to a crazy mountain bike race to ride in circles for 24 hours. I was a lousy cyclist but wanted a weekend away from the Idaho and the desert was calling. Our team was #KetchumIfYouCan & we had no plans other to have fun on a bike. We ended up battling on the final lap for the unexpected win that year!

16 years later I’m celebrating a fantastic cycling career that was launched that day. So thrilled to be back and have #24hop dedicated to me. It was the perfect excuse to get my friends and original teammates back together. 24 hour racing launched a career that’s 16 years and still going strong. .that is plenty of reason to celebrate. .

A thrill to speak before the start with a #BeGood message at this Burning Man on bikes.

Thank you @livcyclingusa and @giantbicyclesusa for supporting and housing the Be Good Foundation's booth! And of course a big thank you to Epic Rides for the honor and to my teammates coming together again for this adventure!

Ride Report:

To paraphrase @epicrides, #24hop 2020 was a #BeGood Day on the bike.

Had a wee crash out there and made a team call to grab a rest before hitting trails again. All are ok. After a bit of a midnight hour set-back and crash, we decided to catch some zzzs. .

And then Team #KetchumIfYouCan may have pulled off the comeback of the century by pulling out a podium with some killer final laps, as is tradition. So fun to fly around the desert on two wheels..

Nothing like 24 hours of desert intervals to prep for @itialaska. Felt great out there this weekend at #24hop. 3rd place and a @sierranevada toast was the best capper.

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