Innovative design, detailed execution and test-driven quality are required criteria when I select products to sustain my survival, performance, and comfort. This evolving collection will go beyond tech to embrace nutrition, wellness, and other favorites. I hope you'll find something to love!

Gear I trust to get me where I want to go


Liv Devote Advanced

I'm hopelessly devoted to the Devote because this bike allows me to go anywhere: gravel road racing, adventure cycling, and even single track. Typically a "go anywhere" bike compromises in one area or another, but not the Devote. 


Light & Motion Vis 180 Pro

Why I love it:

Simple, easy to attach; it's a safety rear light for all types of riding.


Seca Enduro

Why I love it:

Seca features the most robust, compact, effective design for fast singletrack adventure seekers.


Garmin Fenix 6S Pro Solar

Why I love it:

Is your watch smarter than you? Mine is. My favorite features: a map you can actually read, 24hr battery life, solar charging, sleep management, navigation, the works. The best all-in-one training and life tool.



Why I love it:

So light, so fat! These fat bike wheels are made for floating on snow, dirt, or sand. Bigger wheels is no burden with these babies.


Liv Pique Advanced Pro 29

Why I love it:

I call this bike the Pique Panther, because she's super fast, sleek, and nimble. This is my go-to mountain bike for almost any ride.


Light & Motion Rando 500

Why I love it:

This is a go-anywhere bike light that can be used while being trickle charged. It's bright enough for trail riding and charges fast.


Garmin Edge 1030 Plus

Why I love it:

My main training partner and essential tool for MTB, gravel, fat biking, and training. I don't get on a bike without my Edge.



Why I love it:

This is my mountain bike wheel for endurance sufferfests and all-around riding or racing! It's light on the uphill and confident on the downhill.


Vis 1000 Custom

Why I love it:

Bling your 1000 lumen light setup with custom color combos!


Light & Motion Vis 360 Pro

Why I love it:

Sleek helmet design with both front and rear lights. This tiny setup packs a punch and won't make you feel like a bobblehead.


Garmin InReach Mini

Why I love it:

Craving adventure? Heading into the wild? This teeny satellite communication/tracking device gives me confidence to go anywhere my legs and lungs will take me.


ENVE G23 700C

Why I love it:

This gravel wheel lets me ride fast, far, and free. It's at home and confident on single-track, big chunky gravel, and smooth dirt roads.

Apparel and footwear for every trail


Velocio Women's Ultralight Hooded Jacket

Why I love it:

My absolute new favorite, take-on-every-ride summer/winter jacket. Ultralight, HOODED, flyweight, a little stretchy with a trail-focused fit. This is the one jacket to rule them all and will provide the foul-weather protection you need in almost any environment. It’s so small and light, there’s no reason not to have it for that summer squall or even as a layering piece for winter riding.


Velocio Women's Ultralight Jacket

Why I love it:

This teeny-tiny jacket punches way above its weight class. I don't leave home without it.


Altra Tokala Recovery Shoe

Why I love it:

Your feet need recovery, too! These are my favorite post-workout or rest-day shoe.  Memory foam, comfy fit, casual slip on. 


Velocio Women's Signature Softshell Jacket

Why I love it:

Talk about range and one jacket to rule them all! This waterproof softshell can take you comfortably from freezing to 40F in style.


Velocio Women's Merino 210 Long Sleeve

Why I love it:

This wool has super powers. Mega soft, warm even when sweaty, and the perfect winter layer or standalone shirt for riding, skiing, running, or just lounging.


Altra Lone Peak 4.5


Why I love it:

The perfect trail running shoe for those who love to play in the dirt: foot-shape fit, just enough cushion, grippy tread.


Velocio Women's Signature Softshell Vest

Why I love it:

Just like its jacket counterpart, this waterproof softshell can take you comfortably from freezing to 40F in style.


Velocio Women's Thermal Bib Tight

Why I love it:

Comfy, fuzzy riding tights with the same great fly-free feature for easy, no-undressing nature breaks!

Accessories I depend on


Velocio Signature Rain Bootie

Why I love it:

These booties are easy to put on and just like mama bear: not too heavy, not too light, but juuuuust right for all but the coldest temps.


Miir x Rusch Travel Tumbler

Why I love it:

Drinking on the go? Me too! This tumbler's made for adventurous hydration. Super insulated for warm or cold with a locking, no-leak lid to keep your drink where it belongs.


Velocio Winter Wool Sock

Why I love it:

Warm feet, warm heart....wool socks are my go-to year 'round. These are medium thickness, warm when wet, and always comfy and soft.


Wilderness Trail Bikes Koda Saddle

Why I love it:

Treat your backside right! This saddle is my happy place for endurance MTB and gravel: supportive and streamlined.