My Sponsors. My Partners.

For me to work with a sponsor, I have to love their product and want to use it. I’m grateful to have sponsors I believe in.
Their support means I get to do what I do best: Ride bikes and help others believe in themselves, the way these companies believe in me.


Red Bull has an unbelievable track record of sticking with their sponsored athletes and helping them chase down and occupy their dreams. That attitude is a part of every can you hold in your hand. They’ve helped athletes push their envelopes and take sports achievements to the next level. Red Bull has stuck with me and been supportive for all of my athletic endeavors, from adventure racing to mountain biking. Red Bull is my motivation when nothing else works.


My mission has always been to push my own limits, while also encouraging everyone else to push theirs.  By joining the Niner family, I will be able to continue my pursuit of those goals.  Everyone I know and trust, from my mechanic, elite athletes, industry professionals to core riders, has nothing but the highest praise for Niner Bicycles. The equipment and the company values mesh perfectly with my passion for the best gear and a collaborative, inclusive relationship. This new partnership feels like the perfect alignment of our collective goals.  


During the best part of any ride, the bicyclist forgets they’re on a machine, because it’s working well and they’re just experiencing the ride. That’s what SRAM is all about: getting more riders there, using technology that’s so good you forget you’re using it. Their gear helps me go faster, farther and with fewer problems. But beyond that, SRAM is a company I admire for their commitment to the sport and to its positive impact in the world. As a multi-year sponsor of the SRAM Gold Rusch Tour, this company is helping bring more women and girls into the world of bicycling, and I cannot help but admire them for that.

I count on GU products to help me get me through the rough days, and to make the regular days better. Their performance products work for any endurance sport, for both pro and amateur athletes. I admire that they work with these athletes to improve on the products they sell, they use the products themselves and I’m grateful all that hard work is paying off for me. I also love that this family-launched business uses no artificial dyes, colors, etc and that I can read and pronounce everything on their ingredient list. I know GU is good for me and works.

Good enough for Geoff Kabush and Team Luna Chix (Catherine Pendrel, Georgia Gould, and co.) ,they’re good enough for me.  Maybe it means I’ll ride like them on these ripping light and fast tires.

ASSOS is a new partner this year and I already put their product to the test through the #RuschingToNashville ride and my #MTB-LAO adventure.  Over miles and miles, this kit didn’t let me down. Check out my 2017 new partners video featuring ASSOS here.

WTB is another new partner this year I took them for the ride during the #RuschingToNashville ride and my #MTB-LAO adventure.  Saddle choice is such an important and personal thing and I feel lucky to have finally found a saddle that works perfectly for me. Check out my 2017 new partners video featuring WTB here.



Smith’s products are always ahead of the pack and their sport optics technology helps keep me there, too. I never cease to be amazed at the technology and innovation they pack into their glasses. They happen to be a great bunch of neighbors, too.

Staying hydrated is easily one of the most important aspects of race performance, and once I could safely and easily drink while riding over even the most technical terrain, it allowed me to take things to a whole other level. As the originator of the idea, their products are the most innovative hydration systems available. Camelbak’s “got my back.”  

For those of us who love riding, a bike is more than a mode of transportation. It’s our baby. We ride it, coddle it and just plain stare at it for hours on end. The new line of WD-40 BIKE products was developed for riders who love keeping their rig in top condition…whether it’s on the move or standing still.


I can definitely say there’s nothing like the Buff. I use these year-round, whether on my head, around my neck or in countless other ways. I take Buff cycling, skiing, and motorcycle riding. There’s nothing like this handy multi-purpose little item. to keep sweat out of my eyes and warm when I need it.

Thule Logo

I travel all over the world to race- and no matter which bike I’m bringing, I’m never traveling light.  Now getting my bike to any destination is easier than ever with a complete assortment of bike transport cases from Thule. Thule helps me transport my bikes and gear safely and easily.  Thule believes in the value of an active life – whether you’re in the city or the great outdoors. For our own health and happiness as human beings, and ultimately for the respect and care we then give to the world around us.


These guys went from a startup GPS manufacturer to an international standard for navigation, communication and information devices. Garmin provides an incredibly diverse line of products that fit all manner of activities. I used the Garmin Etrex all over the world in my adventure racing days. Now, I’m completely addicted to the Edge cycling line to track all of my workouts and adventures on the bike. Their products keep me on track, on the trail and under control.


These guys make me hurt, but they also make me better. I’m a smarter athlete because of the training I get from my CTS coach, Dean Golich. Look around you at a top race and you’ll find that everyone from ultra-endurance runners, Ironman triathletes to NASCAR drivers and yes, a few long-haul mountain bike racers rely on CTS training. I’m grateful for the guidance I get from them. I really couldn’t do my job without this group of professionals and endurance junkies.


Tim Macartney-Snape made the first solo expedition from an ocean to the summit of Mt. Everest. Upon his return, Tim put his lessons to use developing innovative outdoor products for his new company Sea To Summit. Sea To Summit makes a wide variety of gear from ultralight stuff sacks, to travel organizers, to sleeping bag liners. Every piece of Sea To Summit gear has been thoughtfully designed to help you pack lighter and stay more comfortable in the outdoors.


I started with Five Ten back in my climbing days- I was even the advertising model for their first women’s shoes. Now we’re back working together with cycling shoes. I love their shoes so much, they are what I trusted to get me up and down Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Adventure Medical Kits are a true ride and adventure partner.  Though you always hope everything goes smoothly, it doesnt always happen and that is why I’m glad to have Adventure Medical Kits on my team.  The kits are designed for situations when seconds count. Each color-coded injury-specific pocket contains a wide range of supplies to treat backcountry emergencies on the spot.


If you’ve ever taken a good look at my shoes, you will see that a large part of what makes them so special is the Boa closure system. No other system I’ve tried has given me such minute control over the tightness of my shoe. The constant, adjustable tension ensures that my foot will stay both secure and comfortable for the entire ride.


I love that Crank Brothers has managed to turn out an impressive roster of head-turning products, all while keeping their small-company vibe alive. Their products reflect that these are impassioned people with a flair for design and simplicity. Their work is their life and all of us who ride bikes with their products are luckier for it.

Founded in 2001, I’ve been a big fan of Big Agnes for a while. Their mission is to make your camping experience more comfortable and enjoyable by providing high quality and innovative camping gear with as little impact on Mother Nature as possible.