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Winter Training - Hacks with Reba!

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Rebecca Shares her favorite gear for keeping the training going all season long!

Winter Trail Running - it's a thing! The Altra Running Timp 1.5 is great tread for

packed snow trails. Here's another tip... all that cold weather cycling gear you have is perfect for ANY winter aerobic activity. Running, fat biking, XC skiing etc. Today I'm wearing my Velocio Apparel soft shell jacket, wool socks, base layer and gloves.

XC Ski Edition (but relevant for any endurance outdoor winter sport!) Tip of the day: layer for success and survival. Everyone worries about being too cold during winter sports, but really you should worry about being too hot. Yes, the temps might be freezing, but when you're moving, you'll create a little furnace of warmth, so you have to un-layer to regulate your body temp as you generate more heat.

Layers are key to survival and constantly unzipping, taking off, putting on is just part of the program in cold weather. Sweat and moisture turns to frozen ice in a very short time out there. Lots of layers provides lots of options to regulate your temps like a pro. Here's the essential gear I wore on my XC skis today...

Check out these winter gear items and more on my Gear I Love Page!

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