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Fuel Right for RPI (Or Any Adventure)

Like putting the right type of gas in a car, fueling properly for all of your outdoor adventures is essential. While we all have a pretty good grip on foods that are healthy (and tasty!) it can be a little bit harder determining when, and how much, fuel to consume. Well, my good friends over at GU Energy created these super simple charts for you. Here, we've focused on the three different ride levels for Rebecca's Private Idaho (more on this in a sec), but you can absolutely apply this breakdown for your next adventure!

New to gravel riding or looking for a super easy way to get into the RPI action without all the miles? Then the Tater Tot is for you. As with all of these charts, take a look at the column on the left. How soon would you like to finish your ride? The faster the ride, the more calories you burn along the way. Once you have your caloric goal, check out GU's suggestions on the right. Remember, eat about 250 calories per hour to avoid any spikes or valleys in energy supply!


Our "middle of the road" option is the french fry. With significantly more climbing (and miles) than the tater tot, you'll need to pay more attention to your nutrition here. Quick tip: If you are unsure about your expected finish time, take your average ride mph and divide it by 56. Don't have those stats? Always error on the safe side and bring some extra. Look at it this way, if you don't eat it all, you'll have an extra stroopwafel or two for some friends along the ride. Win-win!


The biggest ride of the three demands particular attention to nutrition and hydration. Especially for rides last more than a few hours, make sure you bring along nutrition you'll want to eat (this will help entice you to stay on top of those calories). The GU Chews taste like candy and the stroopwafels are a great, more "solid" food option.

No matter what distance you are going or which race or event, it's always a great idea to test out your nutrition during a training or casual ride to make sure it works for your body and your gut. Our bodies are unique, and what it takes to fuel them well and fuel them right is equally as specific! Play around with it, try out a few flavors, and you'll go into your next big event knowing you have your race-day food dialed's such a good feeling.

But that's not all! Here are some final tips for you...

Come on out Labor Day weekend and #JointheRusch for Rebecca's Private Idaho! This is one of the events I wait all year for, and this year is going to be the best one yet. Celebrate my hometown with me, sign up for the ride that is right for you, or come on out and cheer everyone on! I'll see you there.

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