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Built To Move

Concussion recovery is dark and lonely. I know because I’ve been going through that ugly tunnel for 16 months.

This arduous and frustrating path is the kind of terrain where I have zero navigational skills. Lost with no map, no compass, and my natural sense of direction all spun out.

My brain was hurt, so I stopped moving my body. I was in a terrible downward spiral. My posture deteriorated. My back ached. My shoulders were so tight I struggled to pull a shirt over my head. As the months piled up, the act of moving again grew increasingly daunting. I knew I was in bad shape. I knew I had to move.

Even I, a life-long endurance athlete, was struggling to get out of bed or walk the dogs. That’s when I received an advanced copy of Built To Move from my friends at The Ready State, Kelly and Juliet Starrett. The book came at a time when I simply didn’t want to do the thing that had been my passion for decades.

My concussion recovery toolbox is now full of variety, but one consistent throughline appears in all of the effective therapies. The best medicine is not a drug or pill. The medicine is movement.

Built To Move literally pulled me out of the hole by getting me onto the floor.

To start moving again and truly accelerate my concussion recovery, I needed small, digestible chunks that would be hugely and immediately impactful. Built to Move delivered me 10 essential, life-giving habits for a healthy, strong body and mind. 10 easy measures to check my status on flexibility, nutrition, sleep, breathing, exercise, and time-saving strategies to implement all 10 without much effort.

I’m finally moving into the next phase of recovery with some light, more direction, and a renewed connection to the world. I am convinced that movement was the medicine that pushed me into this phase and drove me towards becoming not who I was before, but an improved version of who I am to become.

No matter what state of mind and body you are in, Built to Move will simply and quickly elevate your health and happiness. I promise.

Some of my favorite new practices that don't take extra time and help me move freely and feel better:

  • Eating a fistful (or two) of veggies with each meal.

  • Standing on balance balls while brushing my teeth.

  • Sitting on the floor to work, watch TV, hang with the dogs.

  • Nose breathing while walking the dogs

  • Tracking steps on my watch to get 10k or more daily.

  • Doing The Couch Stretch while reading.

I’m sharing this book, Built To Move because it’s the best resource I’ve found for overall health and vitality. And because it was my lifeline during a very dark time. I will use it as a resource for the rest of my life. I really hope you find it as impactful and essential as I do.

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