You Can Call Me “Madame Chairwoman”

Representatives of the IMBA Board/Honorary Board L-R: Bob Winston, Rebecca Rusch, Hans Rey, Dave Wiens, David Zimberoff

Like a lot of mountain bikers, I’d always known about the International Mountain Bike Association, or IMBA, and their great advocacy work. And like a lot of riders, I’d been a member for years, but that really just involved writing a small check and occasionally reading about what they were doing out there. I was glad someone was working on my behalf.

But it took the threat of trail closures in my own hometown, hitting me where it hurts, to get me more invested. We needed more than just a loose collection of riders to make a difference. I’m proud to say that the Sun Valley cycling community has since rallied and launched our own IMBA Chapter, the Wood River Bicycle Coalition.

My involvement with the WRBC has both enlightened and motivated me to learn more about public lands issues in my home state Idaho. And through the WRBC’s work I got the opportunity to take part in the National Bike Summit in Washington, DC., where I joined bicyclists from around the country to talk about bike safety issues and to help lobby Congress about these issues.

This year really brought things full circle. I’m extremely honored to have recently been asked to lead the IMBA Honorary Board as Chairwoman. Have a look at the roster of this group and you’ll what an amazing and inspiring group of athletes and leaders we’ve gathered there. My goal is to harness the board’s considerable influence, to make the biggest impact possible in supporting IMBA’s mission.

At my core, I’m still that mountain biker who is glad someone is out there making sure I have trails to ride. I hope all of you will join us as we help take IMBA, and groups like the Wood River Bike Coalition, to new places.

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