Tim Johnson’s Ride on Washington

As most of you know, support for bicycle related programs dwindles every year even though the sport continues to grow. As a cyclist each and every one of us has felt this pressure while on a road ride hugging the shoulder for dear life, or on a last mountain bike ride before a trail is closed. It’s a harsh reality of growth and expansion, but it doesn’t have to be. Tim Johnson (@timjohnsoncx), a fellow Red Bull teammate of mine, organized the inaugural Ride on Washington in 2011 to raise funds for a program called Bikes Belong (@BikesBelong) and to help promote cycling as a whole before the National Bike Summit in Washington D.C.

This year Greg and I were invited to participate in the entire ride, and help the fund raising efforts. We will also be representing the Wood River Bike Coalition and participating as members of IMBA. We are planning on listening, learning and speaking to the Idaho represenatives about issues in our state such as the CIEDRA bill that threatens to close much of the Boulder – White Clouds to mountain biking.

I have a fund raising website to help reach Bikes Belong’s goals, and I urge everyone if they can to donate whatever they feel comfortable with. You can also follow the conversation and participate at the following sites:




If you are in or around the Boston-Washington D.C. area, I urge you to come out and ride with us, everyone is welcome.


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