The Leadville Experience- Schedule

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Reba and Fatty are teaming up to provide a free set of three webinars to help you get ready for the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race during these last few weeks before the event. These webinars are designed to help you finish faster, use the course to your advantage, and have the peace of mind that you haven’t left something important at home.

While free, these webinars do require you register, so be sure to sign up for each (and if you can’t attend live, don’t worry, they’ll all be recorded and uploaded for on-demand viewing both here and on Fatty’s Site).

Click Here to See Full Webinar Schedule, Watch Past Webinars & To Register for the Next One



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All rides and clinics will have goodies and give-aways offered by Rebecca and Fatty from great sponsors like GU, Red Bull, WD-40, Niner, and Buff.

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  • 9am-12pm:  Ride Clinic –  Columbine Training Ride

Climb the big monster and tame this beast at your own pace.

Meeting Location:   Base of Columbine.  Proceed south on Hwy 24 approximately 3 miles, then west on Hwy 300 for a little  less  Than a mile to CR 11/CR 11A “Y” intersection. Follow the slow sweeping right turn on the pavement, uphill and west, onto The gravel road that goes through the gravel pit area.

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  • 9am-11am:  Ride Clinic –  Powerline Up’N’Down

Meeting Location:  Lake County Middle School, 1000 West 6th (same place as expo). Roll out from there.

  • 3pm-4pm:  Race Prep Clinic – Setting Your Bike Up Right 

What gear and tools to bring, trailside tips, how to carry it all efficiently.

Location:  Cycles of Life Parking Lot, 309 Harrison Ave # A, Leadville, CO 80461

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  • 9am-12pm: Ride Clinic – Pipeline Training Ride

This easy rolling terrain is the sleeper section of the course- spin out your legs and get tips on race strategy on this important part. Aid station efficiency tips covered during this day.

Meeting Location: Pipeline Aid Station  

  • 3pm-4pm:  Race Prep Clinic –  Race Day Nutrition with GU Products

Break down the mystery of how to dial in your fueling for the big day.  This is one of the most important make or break items of your race. GU samples available.

Location:  Cycles of Life Parking Lot, 309 Harrison Ave # A, Leadville, CO 80461   

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  • 9am-11am:  Ride Clinic – Visualize your Ride  

Easy spin and how to prepare your mental game. Do the start and finish of the ride- your body is ready, how to mentally prepare.  Easy spin (10 miles) start at the beginning of the course.  

Location:  Cycles of Life Parking Lot, Cycles of Life Parking Lot, 309 Harrison Ave # A, Leadville, CO 80461

  • 6pm-9pm:  Reba and Fatty’s Book Extravaganza and Pre-Race Party  

Last minute motivation gathering- Hear from Reba and Fatty on how to make your Leadville experience the best ever.  Readings from both Reba’s & Fatty’s books, stories, and personal tips from people who know!  Fundraiser for World Bicycle Relief and local charities- Leadville Racing, High School Cycling Team and The Leadville/Lake County Sports Hall of Fame.  Books, beer, and wraps on the pavers outdoor next to the Leadville Retail Store after the event.  Suggested $5 door donation and raffle ticket money will go to local charities.  Beer donation at after party will go to World Bicycle Relief.

Location:  Historic Tabor Opera House, 308 Harrison Ave, Leadville, CO 80461

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  • 9:45-10:24am / Immediately after racer meeting: Rusch to Glory & The Great Fatsby Signing

Meet Reba and Fatty in the flesh, buy a book, get those pre-race questions answered.

Location:  GU Booth at Expo, Lake County Middle School, 1000 West 6th

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  • 6:30am: Race Day:  Reba & Fatty Ride for a Bigger Purpose  

Rebecca will be riding with Phoenix Patriot Foundation and Fatty will be part of the World Bicycle Relief Crew.  They’ll be near the finish line high fiving you after you come across the red carpet.

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  • 8am: Race Day – Awards Ceremony & Rusch to Glory & The Great Fatsby Signing

Last Chance For Books From Reba & Fatty.

Location:  Expo Area, Lake County Middle School, 1000 West 6th