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About the book: 

Rusch to Glory by Rebecca Rusch with Selene Yeager

“Rusch to Glory”

By Rebecca Rusch with Selene Yeager 

Rebecca Rusch is one of the great endurance athletes of her generation, relentlessly fast on her feet, climbing mountains, or racing a bike. But she began her journey with an unceremonious start—by joining the high school track team to score a free tracksuit. This scrawny Chicago kid soon abandoned a predictable life, heading from home to wander the world and find adventure. Trekking through Borneo, mountain climbing in Patagonia, navigating the rivers of Vietnam, racing bikes across the Andes—Rusch’s rambling saw her discover the adrenalin sport of adventure racing, stare down her demons, witness the tragic death of a friend, and rise toward a glass ceiling in sports.

Rusch to Glory is set in the exotic locales and extreme conditions that forged an extraordinary athlete from ordinary roots. Known today as the Queen of Pain for her incredible perseverance against all odds, Rebecca Rusch tells her story of transformation to inspire anyone to discover their own greatness.



coverThe Great Fatsby: The Best of, Volume 2 is almost exactly like its namesake, The Great Gatsby. For example, The Great Gatsby is a fictional, poignant account of a young millionaire obsessed witha beautiful debutatne in 1922. The Great Fatsby, on the other hand, is an occasionally-true, wildly exaggerated collection of absurd and allegedly hilarious stories from a middle-aged blogger obsessed with bicycles.

In short, The Great Fatsby, more than any other book in the world, belongs on the back of every cyclist’s toilet.