Thank you, Maria Rodale

Some great stuff to ponder over the holiday weekend. This piece gives me new respect for Rodale and Bicycling Magazine.

This is what the SRAM Gold Rusch Tour and, frankly, my career, are all about.

I’ve been fortunate enough that I’ve been involved in relatively “cash-poor” sports, from rock climbing to adventure racing to women’s endurance mountain bike racing. I’ve been insulated from a lot of the unsavory side of professional bike racing. To me, my sport feels pure and real and unmarred.

Granted, I do love to win.

I feel like I do have what Maria Rodale calls “the fever.” A hard-earned race win is intoxicating to me, not because I get to beat other people, but because I see the direct result of months and years of hard work. A great win is intoxicating. We celebrate our wins because they may be few and far between, and they’re peppered with the many losses and failures I’ve also experienced.

My thanks to Rodale and Bicycling for this great piece. It’s great food for thought over the holiday.





  1. John Smith Reply

    I don’t think we have gotten to first base on ridding the sport of so-called doping Rebecca. The past winners of all road cycling are simply not admired any longer. And honestly except for a few of us like me I’m not really sure if even those like you have respect from the public now either. I’m not sure you understand the damage both doping and the “get-em-later-when-they-aren’t-untouchable-or-valueable-to-us-any-longer” era has done.

    All of cycling history has been trashed. No, not by Lance, but by those running the show. Poor drug tests by those in power hiding something and then selective career slamming is the show of the corruptness of all the sport. It is all about money, not accomplishment.

    • Rebecca Reply

      I agree with you John that cycling has suffered a huge, huge blow and the depth and breadth of the problem is staggering. There will always be a giant scar that I hope can heal with time. Bringing problems into the open seems the only right thing to do. I’m thankful that I’ve not ever come across doping in cycling or the corruption that surrounds it. However, as cyclists all have a responsibility to support the sport we love and try to help move forward in a positive way. Yes, cycling history has been trashed. The future remains ahead of us and unwritten.

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