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Rebecca Rusch has the ability to weave tales of her adventurous life with candor and humor, actively encouraging others to discover greatness, inspire challenges, and motivate change.

How do you generate confidence to find your own path?
In tough moments, how can you find the inner strength that will be the key to success?

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 2.47.17 PMProfessional athlete Rebecca Rusch’s stories of adventure and perseverance, forged in extreme conditions, resonate with anyone facing challenges of their own. Her charismatic and enlightened outlook shows that the strength that lies within each of us can be the line between an ordinary and extraordinary life.

Rusch has been a motivational speaker for a variety of events and companies such as the SRAM LLC management team, The Tugboat Summit, Wild Gift,  University of Missouri WIN program, Dirty Kanza endurance race, Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists, Specialized Bicycles, LifeTime Fitness, and the Dakota Valley Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

  • Face Fear, Persevere and Realize Your Dreams

Rusch shares her tips on how anyone can train their brain to overcome adversity, face fear, tough it out and realize their dreams.  As a top endurance athlete and adventurer, cites mental toughness as one major key to her success when  faced with seemingly impossible challenges (like forging raging rivers in Borneo or championship records).  Through these challenges she embraced fear, banned doubt from her thoughts and harnessed mental toughness to realize amazing achievements.  Her advice will inspire anyone who wants to overcome adversity to achieve their goals.

  • It’s Never Too Late To Reinvent Yourself

Have you ever dreamt about changing careers or starting your own business?  It’s never too late, says Rebecca Rusch.   At the age of 38, Rebecca Rusch began her career as a professional cyclist—her weakest sport as an athlete.  Skip ahead just a few years and Rusch has earned 6 World Champion titles and 4 wins at the storied Leadville 100 endurance race.  Rusch’s story has the ability to inspire people from all walks of life to go after what they love and summon the courage to transform their lives.

  • Keep Going When Everything Goes Wrong- Finding Self Motivation

When things don’t go as planned, you need to regroup and get your motivation back on track.  Rebecca pulls from her experience as an adventure racer, to give stories which demonstrate how to stay calm, focused, and aware of the great opportunities in every situation.

  • Taking Risks and Finding The Reward

We admire and celebrate those who take big risks.  There is beauty and excitement in the unknown path but those first steps can be the scariest.  Rebecca Rusch has taken on extreme challenges as an adventure racer and professional mountain biker and believes that the strength to not only overcome but become better lies within each of us.  Her story and honesty will inspire anyone to embrace risks in their life.

  • Teamwork, Strategy, and Endurance

Diverse personalities and experiences can be the key to a successful team however these things can also be the downfall.  The key to a successful team is to understand how to work together, stay on track, and remain focused on the end goal.  Rebecca pulls from her years of experience as the captain of adventure racing teams, typically dominated by men, to explain the keys to strengthening the team and end then end achieve the goals together.  .

  • Reba’s Rules for Success

One of her most requested speaking topics, details her rule for success and how they apply to sports, business, and life, including “Stack up your moments”, “Pay attention to the space in between”, and “No matter how good or bad you feel, it won’t last”.