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Rusch is a woman who knows a thing or two about setting a course and exceeding expectations.”


Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 4.11.45 PM“Her drive as an ultra-endurance athlete and one of the most successful endurance mountain bikers in the world has brought her to success in just about every kind of adventure sport imaginable.”


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“I may not ever crush anyone but I can face my limitations and push through them, maybe rising to a level I did not believe I could ever achieve.  Rebecca did it.  Why not I?  I will never be as fast as Rebecca.  Ever.  But I can be better than I am now.”


Reba’s 50% hard core racer, 50% advocate, 50% adventure seeker, and 100% inspiration. That adds up to 250%, which is just about right for her. And if you don’t already want to be just like her (I do), you will by the time you read the fun, funny, and always-down-to-earth story of her life. This is a fantastic book, by a fantastic person.

– Elden “Fatty” Nelson,

Rebecca, thank you so much for writing such an inspiring book about your adventures. Reading it gave me the much needed push to get out there and give it my best shot in a mountain bike race. I raced yesterday, and at age 42 earned a third place podium finish in the Cat 3 women 40+ bracket. I’ve been riding my Specialized Jett Expert for one year and would never have tried it without the encouragement that I got from reading your story. I thought, if you could do such amazing things, surely I could finish one race! It was awesome, and now I’m hooked for sure! Thank you again for being such an inspiration and unknowingly encouraging me to expand my horizons. 

 -Ride safe,  Missy Vail
North Little Rock, Arkansas

Rebecca Rusch is proof that WILL and tenacity are far more important than any other life skill a person can possess. It’s not just about the athletic feats, no matter how numerous and ludicrously awesome hers are. The fact that she succeeded, time and again, at a new sport (and a new life!) is a testament to hard work, intellectual curiosity, teamwork, and the attitude of a champion. And that lives in ALL of us. #inspiredtogoBIG

-Robyn Benincasa, World Champion Adventure Racer, CNN Hero, Guinness World Record Holder, Founder/Minister of Dreams, Project Athena Foundation


Rebecca’s book Rusch to Glory is as unique as she is, yet her journey toward achievement is universal and will touch anyone who has yearned to do more, try more and be more. 

The book reminds me in many ways of one of my favorite books, Wild by Cheryl Strayed. It pulls you along on an amazing, fascinating, courageous, yet very human, imperfect, and vulnerable journey – actually many of them.

Rebecca’s writing style is honest, flows easily, and is emotionally-gripping. 

Among the many things I love about this book is that, even though the author has done some feats I will never in a million years have the guts or ability to tackle, I’m left feeling like I still have so much more to achieve in my life. And that I can do these things if I embrace Rebecca’s gritty, never-give-up spirit.

I’m inspired by the author’s willingness to allow life’s twist and turns — and her heart — to guide her on her path and to push and pull her through some unbelievably challenging circumstances and situations. 

Rebecca reveals her courage and extraordinary heart in this book. Anyone who wants to live life to the fullest, face human fears, yet still achieve the extraordinary, will be rewarded by this wonderful book.

Patti DeNucci, Award-winning Author / Speaker / Workshop Leader / Consultant