October Ask Reba Winner

We ran last month’s contest a little longer due to getting it started late. Thank you for all the great questions. As is always the case, I had a hard time picking the winner. But in the end of it all, the best question was a seemingly simple one that likely causes heart-ache for many. Congratulations go out to Denver Decena for asking “How do I convince my wife to ride a bike?” Enjoy your new footwear from SOLE.

Here is my seemingly simple answer:

Find a women’s group for her to learn from and get inspired by. This is one of the reasons I started the SRAM Gold Rusch Tour two years ago. Women learn better (and more) from other women, in a non-intimidating environment.  (Sorry, but you will not be the best teacher initially).  Let her discover how great mountain biking is with a group of like-minded individuals she can relate to.  Check your local shop for women’s rides and events.  Also, demo a fabulous bike for her.  Don’t give her your crappy old bike that’s too big for her to start on.  There’s nothing like a fantastic piece of shiny performance equipment to ensure a really fun ride.  Stack the odds in her favor, don’t push too hard and let her progress at her own pace.

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