Nikon D4 Photo Shoot: WHY

The Story behind the secret Moab photo shoot.
I got to spend Thanksgiving in Moab with Greg, photographer Corey Rich and his crew of about 8 people.  It was a big, multi-day shoot that ran from pre-dawn til after dark every day.
It was cold and sort of hard work, but pretty cushy compared to racing.  I’ve known Corey for about 15 years and worked with him during my adventure racing career.  He invited me to be part of the video from Nikon launching their new D4.  The only thing is that the camera was so super top secret that we weren’t allowed to tell anyone what the shoot was for, or who we were working with.  Corey spent months shooting and working in secrecy on this amazing video.  He pulled in three athletes:  kayaker Dane Jackson, rock climber Alex Honnold and me.  He did three different shoots with his crew in Mexico, Moab and Joshua Tree.  The idea was to highlight what the D4 can do and Corey told the story by featuring the athletes in this amazing film called “WHY”.  It’s one of the best films I’ve ever seen.  It was a blast to be part of it.  I will join Corey next week at the Consumer Electronics Show as they highlight the Nikon D4 and I’ll be riding rollers on stage as the video rolls in the background.  Strange work, but the end result was an amazing video that even inspires me!

Thanks to Corey for inviting me on this job and to Greg Martin for being the best photo assistant ever!

Check out the video here.

Here are  few pics from the shoot that I wasn’t allowed to publish until now.
The flying remote control camera helicopter was the coolest thing ever!

  1. Leadville Kathy Reply

    What a fantastic film. Great job all the way around. Any idea where they plan to show the film next? And champ, looks like you’re movie career continues to grow…maybe we should start calling you “Red carpet, Reba!”

  2. Laszlo Reply

    I’m a bike rider and photographer too.
    I love bikes and photos, but this move was amazing. Thank you sharing with us this unique view and experience.

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