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Experience the rich history, remote beauty and welcoming culture of Laos by bicycle.  


Recently, I invited a select group of friends and cycling influencers to take part in a historic ride on the Hồ Chí Minh Trail with me, Greg Martin and professional tour guide, Hồ Chí Minh Trail historian and cartographer Don Duvall.

In early 2015, I had the opportunity to join with a small, elite team to ride the entire length of the Hồ Chí Minh Trail.  This historic route was the main supply chain for the North Vietnamese during the war.  During the most spectacular ride of my life, I was able to spend time on the route, interact with locals and pedal some of the most beautiful terrain I’ve ever seen.  It was a special trip and I knew I wanted to share it with others.

My first purpose for hosting this ride is to show you the incredible beauty and history in this undeveloped part of the world.  It is one of the most inspiring places I’ve ever ridden.  This remote part of Laos is some of the most stunning terrain I’ve experienced on a bike.

My second purpose for this trip is to raise awareness and funding for UXO (unexploded ordnance) mitigation.  Laos is rich beauty, but also still bears the scars of a painful history.  Many remnants of the Vietnam War still remain in the form of original cobblestone from the hand built trail, scrap metal repurposed and reused in most villages and also unexploded ordnance that still pepper the land and prevent villagers from farming and going about their lives.

In 2017 Red Bull Media House will release the full length film, Blood Road, that documents Rusch’s 2015 expedition to gain closure over the death of her father, a fighter pilot who was shot down during the Vietnam War. Rusch and her Vietnamese riding partner pedal 1,200 miles of the Ho Chi Minh Trail to locate her father’s crash site while experiencing the impact war leaves on families, countries, and cultures. You can read more about the film in Variety.

This upcoming trip is a test trip but I am hoping to do more in the future.  If you are interested in learning more and taking part in a future Join The Rusch Adventure, send me an email at jointherusch@rebeccarusch.com.


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