Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
After a month filled with a five day stage race in Australia, a seven day stage race in Pennsylvania, a week long product launch, riding camp and race in Oregon with SRAM, I am finally home in Idaho to regroup and recover. Β It was an intense training block, with some important work thrown in and some of the most amazing riding I’ve done, but I was so ready to get home to my own bed and some down time. I’ve only been home 10 days but I already feel rejuvenated.
Lately, I’ve spent my time at the bike shop getting my rigs back in top shape, gardening at home, baking bread and riding on my favorite local trails with friends. Summer is officially here after a cold, wet spring. The flowers are starting to bloom and the dirt on the trails is in perfect condition. I never get tired of the 360 degrees of breathtaking scenery. This is my favorite time of year because there is still snow on the high peaks, the mornings are cool and the afternoons are warm. Flip flops and shorts are coming out of storage and I can ride without shell gloves and knee warmers now! Everyone in town seems to be in a happy summer mood. Being a pro cyclist living in a ski resort town is often a challenge. I cannot ride outside year round and there are many really cold spring and fall days where I’m cursing the weather and it takes a healthy dose of motivation just to get out the door. However, by the time summer really arrives, I am so motivated to ride and so inspired that the memories of the sacrifices I made in the winter melt away.
The two long stage races this month have taken a toll on me physically and I’m pretty tired right now. Β That was the plan though. My coach, Matthew designed the early part of the season this way on purpose. It’s always mentally a struggle to do the building up and breaking down to gain peak fitness later in the season. I know from experience that this process works, but it still always smacks me in the spring and self doubt hovers around this time of year. I have done four long stage races already this season and they have been incredible experiences. The plan now is to focus on some shorter events, stay in the country and ramp it up for the Leadville Trail 100 in August. The next race on the roster is the Firecracker 50 Miler USA Cycling Marathon Nationals on July 4th. Until then, I get to stay home and focus on training and recovery and enjoying Ketchum.
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