#JoinTheRusch at Sea Otter Classic

Sea Otter Classic is the festive start of the racing season and historically the first stop on the SRAM Gold Rusch Tour.“what’s on tap for the SRAM Gold Rusch Tour this year?”,  the answer is that the SGRT laid the groundwork for other SRAM programs to grow and flourish under the SRAM umbrella and the Tour has evolved.

Will I still be hosting women’s rides and clinics?  100% YES and I’ll be doing that under the banner of #JoinTheRusch.  I’ll collaborate with SRAM women’s programming and I’ll also be hosting my own rides, clinics and gatherings to support getting more women and girls on bikes.  I’m incredibly proud of my work with the SRAM Gold Rusch Tour and I have to thank SRAM for being progressive when it comes to getting more women in the industry into higher level positions, highlighting female pros and supporting more riding opportunities for the ladies!

A little history:

In 2012, I started the SRAM Gold Rusch Tour with the goal of empowering woman and girls to get on their bikes and help build a supportive community.  In the last five years, a team of outstanding coaches and I have brought rides, clinics, and celebrations to bike events.  I’ve seen women overcome their fears, stood on the podium next to three high school racer girls, laughed with new friends on the trail, and been embraced by the strength of women making changes together.  We’re witnessing a women’s cycling revolution and it feels amazing to be part of the movement.

SRAM has been a huge partner throughout the Gold Rusch Tour and they’ve always taken the lead in the industry when it comes to supporting women in cycling. They were instrumental in launching the Amgen Women’s Tour of California, they’re the major funding behind the worlds best women’s road and MTB cycling teams, and the 5 year title sponsor of the SRAM Gold Rusch tour and various other women’s cycling programs.

And now the future:

With all of their support of women’s cycling programs across all categories, the time was right to bring all of these amazing programs under one roof and knit them together.  I’m super excited to congratulate my friend and key contributor to the SRAM Gold Rusch Tour, Sara Jarrell, on her new position as the SRAM Women’s Program Coordinator.  Sara is all about inclusion in cycling, education, and simply riding your bike more, no matter what type of bike or what type of rider you are!  She has been in the bike industry for most of her life and is uniquely qualified to lead the charge at SRAM.

The opportunities:

Sea Otter is the first stop of my new #JoinTheRusch tour, which will run in parallel with my Red Bull Media House film tour stops. Stay tuned here for Blood Road film information and #JoinTheRusch rides.

See you out there!